We are now excepting BETA testers for THE ACTION BANK software. Please fill out the information below and we will send you an email explaining the Beta process. A start guide and video will follow shortly.

This is a tool designed to help entrepreneurs, professionals and executives manage and measure their progress in the 7 main categories of life (Health, Finance, Relationships, Career, Contributions, Spirituality/Beliefs, and Creativity.

If the idea of using software, data and analytics to measure progress for these categories is more your style vs meditation or trying to create a peak state, then this solution should work great for you! We are not knocking meditation or peak states, but they are components, not stand alone solutions.

The Action Bank is designed around a framework of the three primary learning theories & specific behavioral neuroscience triggers. We use a banking nomenclature and the format is dashboard heavy, similar to BI tools like Tableau.

In this tool you will be entering your desired outcomes for the life categories mentioned above, managing them like investments in the stock market.

Much of the learning and progress will come from observing the difference between your thoughts and your actions as you go through your days actually tracking progress and performance on these investments.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to banking with you!


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